How to retain first time visitors on your e-commerce website

Every day many people visit your website coming through search engine results, friends’ recommendations, social media links, etc. Most probably you’ve invested significant efforts to make your website popular and attract new users but do you have a clear strategy how to retain their attention once they come? Do first time visitors easily find a reason to start interacting with you by discovering more of your online content or by making a direct purchase?

It’s difficult for new users to get a clear idea of your products and services at first glance. That is why you should help them by giving them a reason to continue browsing on your online project. The reason is always equal to a value that the customer can receive in terms of interesting information, attractive prices and promotions, unique purchase conditions, additional services, etc. Try to identify the top of mind benefits your customers are looking for and make sure to announce them clearly on your pages.

This article takes you through ways of capturing the attention of first time visitors and making them stay with you and discover your offers.

Main competitive advantages


Make it easier for the prospect and announce your main competitive advantages in 3 to 5 bullets. They should correspond to what your audience is looking for and of course to what you are really able to provide – free shipping, secure payment, etc. This proactive PR is really helpful especially when users don’t have time to test different providers in order to find out all the benefits a supplier can offer. Users are browsing the web and comparing offers. The most appealing and clear ones attract their attention. Therefore you need to indicate directly and openly what are the benefits you offer. It is crucial for making them stay on the website and continue interacting with you.


First purchase discount


A First Purchase discount can be a real motivation for new visitors to buy right away one of your products. This will be a sure deal for them and an opportunity for you to engage them with your brand demonstrating your competitive advantages. It’s crucial to announce this special first visitor’s gift on every page of your specialized online shopping site. By clicking on a search result the customer can be directed to any of your pages and not necessarily to the Home page. Bear this in mind when you design your website. Each page should be a sort of a Landing page. To make it more visible consider designing the special offer in bright colors and icons.


Human presence



It’s good to have human faces on your website in order to make users feel more comfortable knowing that they communicate with real persons and not with an anonymous website. The best will be to present your own team assuring customers they can get timely support from a team of professionals ready to help resolve any related problem. A nice example of a team presence is on the http://www.godaddy.com website.



Newsletter subscription


If a new visitor likes your content/products try to convince them to subscribe to your newsletter. Thus you will stay in contact and will be able to promote regularly your activities. A simple call to action box however is not good enough to make customers follow you. But it is very helpful to present shortly the benefits a user will get through your newsletter or even offer a small bonus (relevant to your products and services) in return of a subscription. More about all these options can be found here.



Social media


If you have a well developed social network profiles don’t hesitate to promote them on your web pages by displaying a Facebook like box. What a good reason for customers to follow you when they see that there are a lot of other people who “like” and enjoy your brand and activities. This is a kind of recommendation by third parties which generally is a strong guarantee for quality.






First time visitors usually find a lot of new information and get a bit confused. They often fail to discover some of your best offers. So in some cases using a pop-up advertisement is a good way to draw attention on specific items. You may use a pop-up which appears delicately on the page footer in the right or left corner and which can be easily closed by the viewer. Never use aggressive or disturbing pop-ups for they can be very annoying. You can also link the pop-up content to content chosen by the user. When they are redirected to one of your web pages by the search engine, you can immediately suggest visiting another page relevant to the information the user is looking for. This way you maintain the interaction and provide more useful materials.


Navigation and cross references


The easy and comfortable navigation and the availability of enough cross references on the website content are very important to keep the new visitor browsing on your website. The navigation should be clear and inviting them to open more and more pages looking for what they really need.






Review all the titles and texts on your website. Are they attractive, friendly and interesting enough to catch the attention of the customer? Try to keep them fresh and encouraging without exaggerating of course. It’s not easy to make users stay on your website and follow you but if you have an efficient strategy, elaborated in advance your chances will increase significantly. Plan today and don’t leave this first interaction between you and your prospects to chance. Consider all the details and build your website in a way that best presents your activities.


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