4 tips to increase the sign-up rate of your newsletter

One of the successful tools to maintain a long term relationship with your audience is the newsletter. A lot of websites offer newsletters to inform users about products, services and news related to their activities and put considerable efforts to regularly prepare and send information. A few of them, however, pay attention to the “Signup box” design and its effectiveness. It’s important not only to have a nice online bulletin but also to have enough subscribed readers taking advantage of it.

What about you? Are you sure you have promoted well enough the newsletter option on your website? Perhaps a lot of users would love reading regularly your news but don’t feel motivated to subscribe or simply can’t find easily the call to action area.

There are much more things you can do than a simple and ordinary subscription box. Here are some tips how to attract users’ attention on the benefits of your bulletin and give them a reason to stay in touch with you.


Try to position the call to action area on the home page in the visible area without need of scrolling down. It should be always there to remind current users and prospects that the service is available. It will be even better if the newsletter box appear on every page of the website. Of course, its position should be the same to avoid misleading the customers.

A more dynamic way is to create additional pops-ups to appear on the page. However, be careful, because all kind of pop-ups tend to irritate users and in some cases are not well accepted by them. So here is my advice – make some tests and see what will be the response rate with and without pop-ups. If you go for this solution, try not to make it a permanent one but to activate it only for some periods in order to avoid annoying your audience.

Example: http://webmarketingtoday.com/


Example: http://www.k9cuisine.com/


Sign up area design

The sign-up area where the customer can immediately introduce the email address to subscribe might be positioned either directly on the main box or made accessible after the user clicks over the call to action area. The second option will allow you to collect more data about your customers during the process of subscription because there is more space to insert not only the email address but also other useful information. On the separate subscription page you can put more information about the newsletter service itself – contents, frequency, etc.

Generally, if the main promo box is attractive enough you shouldn’t be afraid of redirecting the user to another page where the full subscription will take place.

Example:  www.zooplus.com



Newsletter benefits

The better you explain the newsletter benefits, the greater the probability to make your prospects subscribe will be. Users are overwhelmed every day by commercial messages, spam, etc. and they choose very carefully whether to subscribe for a piece of regular information or not. So, first the newsletter should be designed in a way to provide real value and second all its advantages need to be highlighted.

Zooplus.com website decided to communicate the following benefits: Exclusive discounts, No obligation and Free gifts + 5% for new subscribers. They succeeded to turn the subscription to a real deal by giving customers a reason to subscribe.

Free gifts for new subscribers are another attractive benefit. The gifts should always be related to your activity. Webmarketing today offers 2 free e-books in exchange to your subscription?. Thus they attract the customers’ attention and increase the value of the service.

Another useful information you can communicate might be the number of subscribers you have. If it is a great one this will be a good PR for you and your service.

Example: http://digital-photography-school.com/


When you are choosing the benefits, try to select them according to your users’ preferences and what is really important to them. Something you consider significant perhaps won’t have the same value for your audience. Don’t present more than 5 benefits because you risk losing the focus.

Newsletter preview

It’s always a good idea to enable users to have a look at a newsletter preview. By providing this option you can be sure that most subscribers will really enjoy your newsletter because they saw it, liked it and made their subscription. At the end, you don’t need subscribers who join you and afterwards are disappointed of the information they receive.

Example: http://webmarketingtoday.com/


Don’t forget all these small details which can have a great impact on your newsletter success rate. Always try to communicate the value you provide to your customers and they will be more than motivated to follow you.

Source of the image:www.i-nobili.it

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