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La nuova piattaforma di Linkedin integra blogging e business

La creazione della nuova Publishing platform di Linkedin consentirà agli iscritti di pubblicare e condividere la loro competenza professionale sotto la forma di articoli, utilizzando ...

How to organize a contest on Pinterest

If you would like to be more active on Pinterest and launch an online contest but you don’t know how, this article is for you. Or, if you are already familiar with Pinterest promotions, ...

Sell your products benefits and provoke customers’ interest

To effectively promote your product and differentiate it from the competition you have to clearly state its key benefits. There are so many similar products on the market that clients ...

How to improve your product presentation and get more fans

Have you ever tried to showcase the real experience of your customers when using the products of your brand? Do your potential and current clients have the possibility to see your products ...
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How to diversify your Facebook content

The good content management is one of the most important things to maintain a successful Facebook page. This includes plenty of aspects: provide interesting content to your audience, ...

Facebook promo apps

The usage of Facebook applications for promotional activities is very popular and provides great advantages to Page owners. On a relatively low cost and thanks to the possible viral ...
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QR code to promote а mobile app on your website

QR code still exists and is being used regardless of the pros and cons of its usefulness. On one hand it is well known but on the other there are a lot of misunderstandings about the ...

Infographic: Insights about video usage and its advantages.

Image source: http://lnx.fmcomunicazione.com/come-iniziare-a-fare-video-marketing-per-il-tuo-hotel/

How to organize a promotion and set up promotional rules

Every promotional activity has to be carefully elaborated by working out every aspect in terms of lottery rules, prize distribution, promo period and other general conditions. All ...

Reward your customer activity to boost sales and improve users shopping experience

Have you ever implemented a reward mechanism for clients who made one or more purchases on your website? Have you shown them you appreciate the trust they have delegated to you as ...
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